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Is xHamsterLive Legit and Safe? (Full Review)

xhamsterlive sex cam site is a platform that offers adult cam2cam chat. The truth is it’s merely a phony clone of Stripchat though. Our review covers it all!

Be prepared to be a bit shocked to learn that while Xham live cams are safe, this is not the platform you want to register at to chat with the xhamster girls you see displayed on the home page. We share below which platform is the master platform or main site where xhamster webcam girls really work. We also wrote about it previously in our stripchat reviews.

Does xHamsterLive Really Offer Free Cam Sex?

So that is a bit of a trick question. The hamster live sex cam website allows for free registration. That means you can type into the box and watch the girls on cams free.  However, nearly all
live cam sex sites allow that free cams chat aspect. What you won’t find is a true real free sex cam because you still need to buy tokens for tipping or private xhamster live shows.

So I will just right out and tell you then display in pictures what is really going on at xhamster live cams. Xhamster live is a clone of stripchat.com.

See for yourself.


Now the legit platform where xham girls are really working.

xham cams
xham cams is a gimmick. Go where these models really work: Stripchat!


Listen, I appreciate the cool functionality of the webcam sex live offerings here I just take serious issue with the claim that this is a unique or real site. The fact is it’s a copy of StripChat and that is where you should go. I always say GO TO THE ROOT SOURCE. If you take a few minutes now to just compare the home pages of these two cam2cam sex sites you can confirm what we are saying is true.

I should also note that this free cam sex (as a platform) is the most similar to Chaturbate. The reason we say so is that they focus on the shows is group tipping while more than one person is watching the same live sex camera.

This is different from many camsex sites that are more focused on private nude cams. A good example of such is streamate.

How Much Does Cam2Cam Sex Cost Here and is it Worth Registering?

Typical live sex camera shows here run $2.00 to $4.00 per minute while some of the new xham girls charge as little as one dollar per minute. That said the sex live cam shows are not really broadcast from xhamsterlive.com.visit-website
The issue we have is neither the nor value or price of live cams sex at xham cams or the fact that they don’t even really offer free live cam sex. The only gripe is that people need to know that this place for cam2cam sex is just a different brand or logo over the top of stripchat.com.

xham live
xham live thinks you won’t check on what we have shared.

Xham Live Cams Summary

The fact is this cam2cam sex site is just not transparent in how they are marketing themselves. Xhamster is a porn site and not real cam sex live offering. Therefore, we think it is unfair how they portray themselves as being the real stripchat.com, when in fact they are not. For free live cam sex make sure to stick to the aforementioned main platform.

Don’t expect to see live sex cameras on a primary porn site unless it’s the free and legit live cams porn platform we shared where the xham girls really work at. Learn more about the top live cams sex sites on the home page. Also, our live porn blog has loads of cool insights like some of the best Halloween porn and where to find hairy cam girls.

In conclusion, xham live cams are just a ruse so don’t fall for this and get tricked. Instead, go to the true first-hand experience at stripchat.com.


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