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To start today I want to share something truly unique and refreshing about our site and the way we document our experiences using webcam sites for adults.

There are two things that are problematic for getting honest reviews of sex webcam sites. The first is, all-too-often the reviews are littered with adult webcam sites or sex chat sites owned by the same entity that writes the reviews.

Is Livejasmin safe for online sex chat?

The other common problem is many chat site reviews are written to be partial to certain adult chat websites or that all the reviews will be all positive and the information you’ll read will have really helped you very little.

We tell you straight up the good and the bad and we are not afraid to tell it like it is. If a live sex webcams site does not deliver the value you can expect us to say, ‘This site sucks!”.

So again if the user experience sucks, we’ll say so! Onwards… Today we are discussing LiveJasmin.

LiveJasmin is a popular live webcam site that is according to Alexa stats visited by millions of people.  First, let’s talk costs of live sex shows at LiveJasmin.

Is LiveJasmin totally free?

Free live webcams are not available at LiveJasmin. LiveJasmin is a premium service meaning it costs money to use. Completely free sex webcams sites simply do not exist.

livejasmin costs
LiveJasmin costs are quite reasonable compare to other adult webcams

The reason free sex cams do not exist is simply this; there are millions of people willing to pay for sex chat on webcams.

It’s that simple. Therefore, why would someone offer totally free webcams for adults?

Like most adult sex chat sites LiveJasmin gives you the ability to chat free with sexy girls (or guys) but only after you buy your first package.

Thereafter, LiveJasmin features cam girls and cam boys who each have chosen their own per-minute rates. Depending on the site you use you either buy packages of tokens or credits.

In the case of LiveJasmin, you will pay in advance for these tokens or credits.

There are 5 package options so the initial cost to try the site is very low. Your only risk to using the site is, of course, that initial package.

The only exception to that pre-pay obligation is with a site called Streamate (reviews at that link). This live cam site is the only one that offers direct billing.

Asian tits to Latina ass – all come under one roof, that is what we explained in Livejasmin Review


Features of LiveJasmin

In our experiences when we tried LiveJasmin we found the following features the most unusual and different from other live sex cam sites.

We cannot say for sure these are proprietary features as a whole but they were the features that most stood out for users of LiveJasmin.

American Webcam Girls on LiveJasmin

As an American centered reviews site for live webcam chat, we try to always review the sites from the angle of if there are American cam girls and guys using the site.

With LiveJasmin, the selection was limited in this part of the world. However, many people love the international adult webcam chat experiences that can be had with Latin girls, Asian Girls, and both guys and girls from all corners of the world.

In this respect, LiveJasmin provides a vast selection of people to chat on webcams with.


Pro’s of LiveJasmin

As an adult webcam chat service, it’s also one of the cheaper live webcam sites around. Our top selections are all reasonably priced. And, it’s so exciting to see Livejasmin fresh cam girls doing cheap porn shows.

Cons of LiveJasmin

However, we always suggest that you try to avoid prepaying for services until you use them.

Sites Like Livejasmin
The way she looks can only be experienced on sites like Livejasmin

Fundamentally it’s always a better deal to pay as you go. Hence we prefer business models that allow you to pay as you go; just for what you use.


As a recap for our LiveJasmin reviews, we can share that it was a solid adult webcam site, but we do prefer the direct billing method offered at and when you take into account the fact that Streamate has the most cam girls from the U.S., it’s truly hard to find a better site for adult webcam chat.

Therefore, as you will read in the Streamate reviews, we still rank it on top of all other cam sites.

On the other hand, LiveJasmin is a fine second choice and a great alternative.

It may be that you like the flow of this site better, the focus on certain types of adult chat, or a particular model.

Likewise, if it’s webcam chat with Russian girls or live sex webcams with Asian girls then LiveJasmin is a great option.



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